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Building confidence and social capital while honing work skills to prepare teens for becoming effective workers. GRAND TeenWORKs was designed and implemented by Maven Perspectives LLC and is sponsored as a partnership between a Health and Human Services Agency, a Chamber of Commerce, and local employers.

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Featured Event

2015 Healthy Watersheds Conference: Water & Forests

We all “live on the water” and this conference will provide learning opportunities for individuals, business, and industry leaders, educators and policy makers about watersheds—whether in an urban, rural, waterfront or forest setting—and how we fit into a watershed.

Participants will leave with a new understanding of actions they can take now and in the future to keep our precious water resources healthy and educators will be able to earn continuing education credits by attending the conference.

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"TeenWorks is an amazing program that our grandson participated in. He was new to the area and they made him feel comfortable, accepted, and part of the program instantly. We noticed several improvements in our grandson because of the program. Self confidence, finding his top strengths, ability to meet new people, importance of first impressions, feeling encouragement and support, job skills, preparation for interviews, writing a resume, and public speaking. We appreciate everyone that helped out and supported this impressive program for youth."

Faye Ikola
Grandparent of TeenWorks Participant

"CEOs in the Classroom, Future Workers Event, and TeenWorks play a critical role in developing self-esteem and confidence of the youth in our community. As well as the long lasting impact it has by creating and sustaining a healthier workforce environment in our community. Events are very well administered both professionally and effectively. The programs are a must for our area youth and the community we live in."

Rachel St. John
US Bank

"Maven Perspectives is one of the most professional, forward-thinking organizations I've ever had the pleasure to work with."

Dave Yankowiak
Lift Development

"Maven Perspectives is a company that understands the need for client engagement at all levels. During our years of working together, ours has been a relationship of trust and accountability. They are a company that works with their clients and keeps them informed of their progress at all times."

Bud Stone
Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, President

"Programs like CEOs in the Classroom, Future Workers, and TeenWorks have been initiated and refined into an effective method of introducing regional students to local businesses. These programs ultimately contribute to meeting legislative mandates targeting workforce development. As an individual business owner, these programs enable direct input into how our educational system might specifically address local and regional employment needs."

Roger Hoyum
JDI Contracts Inc.

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